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About Alan

Hello adventurers, well you know my name by now, but some more about me as a person, at the time of writing I`m 54 and living in Great Yarmouth with 3 cats, moved here in late 2007 and was planning to continue my online shoe business called "Hot heels" selling sexy shoes to those loving high heels!

But then life had surprises for me and my sudden news about my health ended that and an unknown future moving forward, but what issues I had with my physical health did not stop my creative side of me and then the idea of "Adventure Awaits" was given to me from out of nowhere... more on that on my game page...

Myself, I`m a creative person with a strong imagination and back in 2007 when attending college in doing a 4-year counselling course I found out I had dyslexia.. which solved why all my life I avoided pens and writing and was bad at spelling !. The funny thing is that I did a counselling course "because," I thought it would be less writing as the nature of the role was talking & listening... what an idiot for thinking that :-)

4 years later and after a bloody load of essays I passed with a Degree and learned a lot about myself.

I feel doing that course unlocked my "Dyslexia" for me to use as a positive tool and the course structure really helped get me ready to enter the world of "Game design" and a path to follow my dreams...

Myself, I enjoy the fresh air and meeting good people, I like animals and enjoy watching squirrels...! Hey, don`t judge me, here we have an Old cemetery, so peaceful to clear one's head and find those squirrels...Giggles

At home, I so enjoy sci-fi and fantasy films, like beast master and who does not like Conan.. damn that soundtrack rocks... Enjoy anime, and in 2022/23 enjoying Gundam, and Goblin slayer and always been a fan of Robotech and bubblegum crises from the 80`s

I love reading, even got a bookshelf in the toilet (you did not need to know that !) and reading in the bath, If you got a library book with damp corners, chances are I been reading it before you !

Reading Lockwood & Co right now after watching the Netflix show and have Always been a fan of HP Lovecraft..In fact, I think that I got my first book, a hardback from a small bookshop in Yarmouth at a very young age... and it's not affected me at all :-)

Wish I time to play my board games, but time is now spent designing them now, I paint miniatures all my life and cannot enjoy a board game if its not "all painted up"..

Games I painted, enjoy and wish i had the time to play more are - Death may die, Dungeon saga & Hero quest & Mars Attacks, for the tabletop Love to one day get my armies out and play Bolt action, or use my 28mm American civil war figures...

I hope that gives you a sense or connection of me, and sharing this builds a trust between us, so you know why I`m creating a game for Kickstarter, and that I`m a genuine individual tying to create a new life 
for myself and build a future to support me moving ahead... and I love to be able to tell people one day soon "I`m a board game designer".

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