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Update: 9th April....Easter weekend

Happy Easter one and all, bank holiday weekend here in the Uk, myself have this time to do some Adventure Awaits stuff but also some hobby time to chill out..mainly painting HeroQuest doors !

Hope your doing well to all faiths doing there thing on Easter time and for those needing this time to have a break, put your feet up and maybe nibble on a Easter egg.

I`m been working on"player boards".. not the finial look just something to enjoy using testing...

What will I be working on next ?

The "Travelling part" of the game works and I`m happy with the design, once again I cannot simply copy

another person's work or glory to make a game, but create something "fresh" something from

I will be returning next week to make sure the travelling ideas and game cards work and flow smoothly, and then speak to my Artist on card layout.

After that It's back to "Magic", and yes I had to create a whole new magic system from scratch..!

But I must say something very unique I feel...

It works, it's just about "number crunching" as it's a system where you create spells in the game..!

 "Face a problem or a monster and right there build a spell to cast !"

I`m happy with the results
A days worth of editing on Word
Busy in my Basement
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