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Game Board


The Adventure Awaits game board is designed as a book, its here you place all the main game cards needed to run the the game. 

The gold coins on the table are locations to place your heroes pieces, once the game is in your own hands I hope you use your own miniatures, maybe dig them out from any of those big miniature kickstarters to big to get off the shelf. Before the game is placed on kickstarter we together can explore what you like to see in the core box, meeples or standees.

The gold coins is what we call "The party line" with the right hard coin where your "leader" will always be. The first two coin locations is called "front of party", and when Omen tests are called for, the hero in question may be the leader, or somebody in the front of party, or just the holding of the "First person token/card will be called upon to make that test

Dungeon Locations

2. Well of ruin.png

Key information here gives you some flavoured 
text to create the mood of the location. You will
see one or two "Omen cubes", these are the dice you roll to see what may happen right now.

Crossed swords icon is how many heroes and monster can engage in Melee
The Shield points out if there is some cover that may help you from any ranged attacks
The Bow informs you how many if any have the space to use ranged attacks and cast magic

Locations to explore in Adventure Awaits is a deck of 23 cards, In my videos you seen the standard "Dungeons & Chambers" a core location in these classic dungeon crawls. We also have Castles & Keeps, unlike deep dark locations with hidden monsters, these cards will reflect locations with a more "lived in feeling". Caves & Caverns will be natural formed tunnels and spaces where beasts and monster will lurk

Omen Dice


The Omen Dice are in four colours, each are connected to a different Omen deck. When rolled, the name shown is the deck you draw a card from. Three sides on each coloured die are the "main type" normally found with that die, one side is the opposite of that, a prefect example is the Blue "reward" die, three sides show a good thing "reward" and 1 side is "Danger" so watch out !. 

Two side on these dice will show a "Flame" Icon, if this is rolled then it has a few effects like "passing" the first player token to the next hero down the party line. Some tests or results, both good and bad can affect the hero holding the first player card! This symbol can use mean a "Time is passing" test where you make a roll to see if your light source fades grab more then one torch dear adventure, you don`t want to be in the dark when monsters attack !

The Omen Decks


The Living dead.png


Stuck door.png


Treasure chest.png


Its coming down.png

The Omen decks drive the story forward in Adventure Awaits and each is based around 10 cards. 

Threat     These cards means a fight is about to start, your heroes will enter the combat phase to do battle
Event      Cards will reflect passage of time with tiredness or burning of a light source and obstacles
Reward   Do you find a clue to your adventure ? or maybe its the gold you seek !
Danger   Danger is lurking around every corner, maybe you step on a trap, or hide from wandering monsters

Due to the mix and match nature, swapping in & out of these cards can create many random adventures, or create a tailor made story... "What challenges will your brave adventures face today" !

What we need now is Heroes...

Knight L1 Update.png
Knight Talent update.png
Knights Items Update.png

Time for a Knights Tale...

The above hero, like all heroes, rises in skill starting from level 1 right up to a heroic level 6. Heroes have 6 abilities ranging from Fighting to Wisdom, D6 is an "average human" level of ability, being talented is a healthy D8, and each rise in level will increase one of those even to the skill level of
a D10 !

It takes 10 Experience points to rise a level, this is done on defeating enemies and completing the goals of the mission. Heroes cards are double-sided, so a whole hero's life path is only 3 cards...

Health for our hero is "wounds" which is the red gem and for this knight, he can take 2 wounds before he is in trouble...

Heroes also have a "Talent" card, it's double-sided, and we can see above both sides are used. When you chose a hero the talent card shows your starting items and a few golds to pick a few extra bits. Below your starting items are some rules which mainly come into play at the end of your dungeon adventure, and anything to do with the travelling and settlement phases of your game.  We can see the penalty if the knight flees the dungeon but also the rewards if he heads to a city.

Flipping the card to its main side when playing your dungeon adventure, we have 3 talent tokens that are "cashed in" for a re-roll. In the knight's example if the knight rolls a 1-3 on his Fight die in combat, he can spend his 1-3 (3) token to reroll it. Knights are good in Combat, being Brave and Alert to their surroundings.

That is followed by any used commonly used rules during the dungeon as well. And last is the three Icons which show what the knight is better or worse at in travelling, at settlements, and down in dungeons..I 

Lets pick a weapon or two and some Armour...

light armour.png

You need Arms & Armour to keep you alive and here are a few cards about that.

Looking at the Sword Vs the Axe, the sword being a balanced weapon give you a re-roll when trying to win a round of combat. The axe is more about damage, and that`s where its re-roll comes into play. Both are brought in Towns, and the axe is a little cheaper.

Light Armour is found/brought at Villages at a cost of 2 Coins, its "Protection" is a D6, the same as an average human Physical ability, so no increase, but the shield symbol means whatever you roll be it the Armours Protection die or your own higher Physical maybe then the lowest you can score of that die is a "2". This is also called a "Defence" and can be seen on the Monsters cards also.

Time to be Heroic...


In a fight round, if a hero
rolls a 7+ on his fight die
and wins the combat you
can draw a heroic action card

When fighting, both you and the creature you're in combat with roll their fight dice, if the hero wins with a 7+ roll draw a "Heroic action! card.

The information on these 20 decks of cards may give you help and support in defeating your enemy. With the "great hit," you simply do 1 wound to your target, and when rolling to gain an experience point, you add a +1 to that roll, so for example, this card will kill a 1 wound Goblin and instead of a 5+ on a D6 to gain an experience point it is a 4+ roll...

"Bang on target" is for ranged attacks as is always the bottom section of these cards...

The next card with "blow to limb" means your target loses its minimum roll allowed... against say a Goblin with a Physical of D6 and defence of 2, its nothing special, but against an armoured warrior of Chaos with a Physical (Protection) of a D10 and defence of 4.. the warriors roll can be under a 4 now as he loses that minimum protection allowed...sweet 

And last...speaking of Goblins ?

Goblins F.png
Goblins B.png

Monster cards have the following information on two sides,
On the front we have the core four abilities needed when encountering them. Damage is what they roll if they hit you, and Exp 5+ is what you need to gain experience when

Health is 1 wound and its Defence is a simple 2

Flipping the card over we have some information about Goblins, and some special rules when fighting them.

"Wave 1" means when killed, on an experience roll of a 1, you spawn a fresh new Goblin into the fight !. "Loot" means if the same experience roll was a natural 6, as well as 1 experience point earned you find 1 Gold also.

At the bottom of the card, this type of creature is a simple "threat level 1" monster and is found in level 1 dungeons and up. Dungeons are rated 1-3, so knowing that you have an idea of what you may be facing. A classic troll may be a threat in level 2, but a major badass demon would be a level 3 threat and so mainly found (you hope) in a level 3 dungeon.

And last on the card is its 5+ roll to gain experience...


All art created by Christian & his team...


Have we made you curious? Then we are at your disposal for a personal conversation. Let's share new ideas and.....

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