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     Welcome to SonicSowlesGames


About Adventure Awaits

Adventure awaits is a new retro style dungeon crawler... using cards & dice your heroes explore deep deadly dungeons, cross enchanted landscapes and experience a living world in sleepy villages, welcoming towns and busy cities...Armed with a sword, a growing reputation and a love for gold. Be ready for "Adventure Awaits"...


Who am I and what is SonicSowleGames ?

I`m Alan and I live on the East coast of Norfolk about 30 miles from Themeborne games. Thank you for taking a interest in me and my first game I`m creating.
Adventure Awaits is a game idea I had back in 2019, and one I could not get out of my head, now following my heart and years later I`m now proud to show off my work & what my imagination has created. I am pleased that you have joined me in as we chase my dreams...

Images of Adventure Awaits game

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See my game being played & more


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Game Overview Video


Did you say its heading to Kickstarter in 2023 ?

Yes indeed...September is my date in mind, I need to be a busy bee to make that
dream come true. As I get closer a Link will appear here to the pre-launch page

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